What is Two-factor authentication,how to use it on Facebook,how this two-factor authentication work,its benefits,

What is two-factor authentication and how to use it for Facebook

two- factor- authentication
two- factor- authentication

Friends, while doing WhatsApp, Facebook accounts or online payment, you must have heard about 'two Factor Authentication' or 'two-step Authentication'. And if you have not heard, today's article is going to be very useful for you. Because it is very important for all Internet users to know about two-Factor Authentication!

So today we are going to tell you about two-2 Factor Authentication is very simple and clear words! Friends, it works as a double layer in your online security, which protects your online account from fraud, hackers.

When it comes! We often hear the name of this term for online security. But we often ignore it, which is very important to know about.

Given this, what is two-step authentication today? What are its uses and benefits? How does it work And how to use it for Facebook. Ready for full information about this, so read this important article today till the end! Come on, friends know this without delay.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an authentication method! Through which, a user is able to access an online account with two or more evidence.

Friends, before understanding two-step Authentication, it is important for you to understand one-step authentication here! If we understand One step authentication with the help of an example, then usually you have to use Id password if you want to access your Facebook account. your Facebook account gets logged into any other device or pc.

Friends, this is one step Verification where only single-layer of security works.

But when you enable Two-factor Authentication, then after entering Id, password in your Facebook account, the second password for verification of that account reaches you through OTP!

You have to enter that OTP! That is, we have to enter that password! This is how the two-layer of Security works here.

The first benefit of which is that any hacker or fraud person knows your Facebook password, even then they will have to enter the password again.

That you found in OTP.

So in this way, it will be almost impossible to log in with your account. But for this, you have to do that Account Two Factor Authentication service on.

So, friends, you know how this two-step Authentication works?

Friends, before making an online payment, a Confirmation OTP comes in the registered mobile number from your bank account! In the same way, two-step verification works.

Friends, in this process of two-step verification, when a user logs into any of your online accounts with Id password! Then again OTP comes on your mobile to confirm that person's identity, and when that person enters that OTP, then only you can access that online account.

Friends come now we know that

What are the benefits of two-step verification?

● First of all, when you make online payment (net banking), here two-step verification keeps your account safe by adding a double layer to your security.

● Friends, you can also use it in many social media sites such as Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp. the unknown person will be able to access important data of your account.

● Friends, despite too many facilities of verification, this is its main advantage! That you do not need to spend any special expenses for this. You can keep your online account safe by turning on Two-Step Verification for free. Today it is used in many IT companies.

If we see the loss of two-step verification once, then there is one disadvantage! That when you register for Two Factor Authentication on Facebook or an online account!

So if that number is never available to you, or unfortunately it is lost! So you cannot access your account without entering OTP in it,

How to use Two Factor Authentication?

Friends, as you know, you can enable two- Factor Authentication service in any social media Facebook, Instagram account! So, here we use Facebook to know how to do two-factor authentication on Facebook.

So friends, first of all, log in your Facebook account through a Facebook website in your smartphone!
Now you have to go to your Facebook Account Settings here.

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

After going to Settings, you will see an option of Security And login here! Click on it

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

So friends here you can see that you will see many options here! And a little scroll down the page, an option of two-factor authentication will also appear here.

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

Tap on it. Friends, here you will see a button of getting Started Tap on it.

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

Now the mobile number from which you created your Facebook account! It will come with a 6 digit OTP. You have to enter that OTP here, then click on Next.

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

So from the perspective of friends security, enter your Facebook account password here. And tap Continue below.

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

So, by doing this, your two-factor authentication has been enabled! 😊 Now the security of your account has increased to double layer.

two- factor- authentication on Facebook
two- factor- authentication on Facebook

So, guys, we have enabled Two Factor Authentication! did you do? Do not forget to comment in the comment!

Hopefully, this information will prove useful to you. If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask us through comments.

Also if you liked the information, then do share it with your friends on social media.

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